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Cornell University | Ticketing

Cornell University | Ticketing

This Event is in the past and is no longer available for sale.

One-way bus trip to Syracuse (original charters)

Bus Program
Saturday, Mar 28, 2020 at 10:00 AM (ET)

Please fill out all information for the person who will be traveling.
Bus Type: Swarthout Coaches, Inc. Chartered, Full-Sized Motorcoaches

Print/save this time table so you will know when the bus will leave from your bus stop. The departure time of the stop you select will not be printed on your ticket!

** The time on your ticket is for YOUR ARRIVAL TO SYRACUSE, NOT YOUR DEPARTURE FROM ITHACA! Keep note of the time table for your DEPARTURE time from Cornell! **

Cornell Bus Services Frequently Asked Questions
1. What do the different times mean?

- "TO SYRACUSE AIRPORT" means going to the airport or Transportation Center train station. The arrival time is the time the bus will get TO THE AIRPORT.
- "FROM SYRACUSE AIRPORT" means coming back to the Cornell University Ithaca Campus. The departure time is the time that the bus will LEAVE THE AIRPORT.

2. Where can I board the bus from Ithaca to Syracuse?

The bus stops at the following three (3) locations for passengers to board:
- Robert Purcell Community Center on North Campus (at the bus stop near George Jameson Hall)
- Baker Flagpole on West Campus (at the bus stop)
- Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts in Collegetown (at the bus stop)

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Spring Break one-way ticket TO Syracuse

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